Conference lecterns

Lecterns reflect your brand image. They help you to catch the public’s attention and invite the participants to discuss. Whether it is for a conference, an event or a reception, it is essential that your desk reflects your speech and your company while ensuring you a comfort to use.

Axeos designs lecterns with meticulous finishing so as to blending naturally into the environment. The desks of the range NEONYX – robust and stylish – gather all the essential features required to the organisation of events or conferences.

The standard version of the NEONYX is a conference lectern in the understated and modern lines. Its numerous possibilities of customization, in particular thanks to a magnetized removable band reflected to your brand, and its robustness make it unique in the market.

The NEONYX TOUCH version can integrate a 19’’ touch screen making your presentation more attractive. The NEONYX LIFT version can adjust to the speaker’s height thanks to an electronic system. Last but not least, the NEONYX TOUCH LIFT version combines the features of the 2 previous versions.

Integrating perfectly the technology necessary for the speech, the range NEONYX reveals through modern and design, totally customizable lecterns according to the speaker.

Axeos will be proud to design a unique and custom-made conference desk for your needs, even the most demanding. Step by step, we will create together the lectern which looks like you and that will capture public’s attention.