Today, video conferencing solutions are essentials and enhance exchanges. It allows saving time and money and optimizing exchanges.

Thanks to a furniture range at the cutting edge of technology, Axeos provides you with a real asset whatever the complexity of your project is. We create high-quality collaborative tools, from the design –thanks to our R&D department and 3D images that gives you a precise overview of your project- to the manufacturing by using noble materials made in France.

Our single and dual screens floor stands such as EASYX, EKINOX, XENON or XENON WIDE suit your environment both aesthetically and technologically. Thanks to column to integrate cables and wiring, adjustable screen height and universal codec support, each of our products is designed to universally fit to all the market technologies.

Our VIDEO WALL solution can accommodate 4 to 9 screens and is customizable depending on your desire. Integrated to a meeting room, it will know how to express your brand and be a real tool of collaborative work.

Concurrently with its standard products, Axeos places itself as a custom-made manufacturer offering unique and personalized models according to your requirements.

In collaboration with our design office, you will be guided step by step through the design and the realization of your project. In every stage, we shall create together a model which looks like you and corresponds to your environment, by respecting the imperatives of integration of the technology, of quality, design and innovation which characterize us. We shall put our creativity and our R&D at your service.