New video wall at Bayer HQ in London

BAYER has just unveiled its AV and IT equipment at its headquarters in London. As part of this major project, Axeos has created, manufactured and installed a video wall of 3,7 metres lengh and 2,6 metres hight.

Video wall installed at Bayer's HQ

Video wall installed at Bayer's HQ

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical company BAYER has unveiled cutting edge AV systems throughout its new London HQ, working with MiX Consultancy and Focus 21 to create collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and presentation suites at the heart of its four floors. Axeos has been involved in this major project through the design and delivery of a custom-made video wall.

The building features the redeployment of Absen LED screens from Bayer’s previous office in Newbury (UK) which was carefully taken down and reinstalled into the lobby on an Axeos’ video wall to enable rear service.

Inspired by our hinged video wall, this multi screen support welcomes 32 Absen LED screens with an hinged structure on casters to ease the rotation of the assembly, installation and maintenance solution.

A 35 hours workload  was required by our design office to design this bespoke videowall. We have also installed this support in London on a day.

Located in the reception area, this video wall is displaying corporate contents to visitors and employees. This model perfectly blends into the HQ’s environment.

Beyond this custom-made project, a XENON VC with two NEC screens of 84” has been installed in one of the meeting room.

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