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The OBOX range, customisation at will

Are you looking for a video conferencing stand or a kiosk in the colors of your workspace ? So, the OBOX range is suitable for your wishes.

Our idea : a column with 2 painted steel tubes and a plate in plexiglass with a sticker according your needs (wood, colour, customised…). In order to meet your requirements, we offer this design on several Axeos’ stands : VC stand, display floor stand and interactive kiosk.


Video conferencing trolleys with an affordable price and customisable upon request

Here are the facts : we had more and more requests to create simple and customised VC stands with an high-end finish. So, we have created OBOX and OBOX XL.

The column is made of 2 painted steel tubes and a plexiglass plate with wood sticker for standard products. However, you can choose the finish of the sticker : add your logo, change the colour or we can design the sticker according to your corporate identity. The scope is huge !

Over the last few years, the white has become the main trend thanks to its clearness and its brightness. That is why we offer OBOX stands with a white finish, as well as for our best sellers in video conferencing stands. Thanks to the white finish and wood sticker, it is a sweat combination to illuminate your space.

Beyond their design, these floor stands are on casters to ensure their mobility and there are available for videoconferening and display uses to meet with your requirements.


Which screens are suitable for OBOX ?

OBOX is suitable for :

  • Two screens from 40 to 55 inches (maximum screen weight of 30 kg per screen) : OBOX Dual-Bildschirm

OBOX is on casters for both single screen and dual screen configuration. Based on casters, this single screen or dual screen trolley meets your needs for mobility. The video conferencing trolley includes a camera shelf and a universal codec holder.



For large screens : OBOX XL

OBOX XL is a trolley suitable for large screens, such as :



OBOX TOUCH, kiosk with customisation upon request

Same design but another use, the interactive kiosk OBOX TOUCH is based on the same principle thanks to its plate that you can customise (as well as OBOX and OBOX XL). OBOX TOUCH is suitable for a screen from 32 to 60 inches, with a tilting screen of 45°. It has been specially designed for reception areas and high-traffic zones (exhibitions, galleries, department stores, showrooms…).


« Made in France » production : a guarantee of quality

Our mission is to offer AV/IT furniture within high-end quality. That is why we choose a French production.
Discover more about our Made in France furniture : click here.