This year, Axeos celebrates an important milestone: 10 years of adventure, in which, its furniture became a reference in videoconferencing environment.


Mickaël Huron, CEO et fondateur d'Axeos

Mickael Huron,
CEO and Founder of Axeos

“Details make
and perfection
is not a detail.” 

Leonardo de Vinci

Here are 5 values which are part of our DNA:


When pragmatism left little room to aesthetics, creations of Axeos became, over time, kind of perfect balance between integration of technology and design. This is the essence of Axeos.


Since my beginnings in a workshop located in Sarthe (a French department), we’ve worked on more than 1 000 custom made projects and more than 10 000 shipping all around the world. This is proof that, we can also create and succeed in our projects in France, even if they seem implausible.


Your projects are ruled by demanding requirements specification from, most of the time, internationally renowned customers.
In order to answer your expectations, we are committed to subtly integrate collaborative technologies with high end furniture, always made in Normandy.


Having good ideas, overflowing passion, desire to succeed and high level of requirement is a first step, but to share and to develop them with colleagues who joined the company and who trust me is much better.
Thank you “Axeoswomen and Axeosmen”.


In a complex economic context, our uprightness has always been our guideline. This is one of factor key which built our brand image and notoriety.

Thank you all for your trust.