AXEOS offers an extensive range of products in the digital signage, conference, video conferencing, telepresence and even touch technologies. This implies offering unique items, customized according to the customer’s needs, besides our standard products. It is achieved through three stages : the examination of the request, the explanation of the possible offers, and the exposure of the requested product.

Study your request: 


Whether for a professional office furniture or for a conference table, Axeos establishes a budgetary quote for the project. First, in order to allow a progressive analysis of this project, Axeos executes an aesthetic presentation. This consists in showing to the customer in which forms and aspects his product will come alive. In this step, Axeos defines the dimensions and final touches of the product. This consists in determining the final design of the product. The last step of the study is the integration of the project in order to prepare the manufacturing of the product.

These 3 steps allow a progressive study and validation as we go along the discussions.

Explain our offer: 


Depending on the project’s specific configuration, it will be produced in one or several of our manufacturing units. These units can be carpentry or cabinetmaking workshop, a metal manufacturing workshop, plexiglass manufacturing workshop, or even multiple at once.

This is the step during which all necessary modifications are made to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. Thanks to a production plan, the customer can notice all the experienced constraints. It is an actual general plan of the final products that summarize all the necessary tasks to its completion. The period of the project realization is defined in this stage as well : indeed, it is in this period that we can become aware of all the specificities linked to the manufacturing.

Exhibit your product 

C4 In this final stage, the project is already made. Installation is usually included in the proposal and is particularly recommended for sensitive products. This installation and its cost are determined in the original budget of the project. If you choose to install yourself, assembly instructions will be provided with all products. Finally, for every stage quoted, Axeos provides you with maintenance and cleaning recommendations to optimize the products’ longevity.