Univers Exposition 655x350

Nowadays, a digital signage solution is a “must-have” regarding communication. Whatever your industry is, promoting your business and presenting it interactively shows a real dynamism.

The digital signage delivers real-time information about meetings, conferences, upcoming events, but also it promotes your company’s offers thanks to different dynamic and compelling messages.

For a fair, an exhibition, a conference, we offer sophisticated tools featuring up-to-date technologies. We do our best to find the display solution for different events tailored to your presentations.

With a higher visual impact, the digital signage can broadcast, during a show or an exhibition, different important messages to your customers, your partners and your employees.

Our range of touch terminal answers to specific needs for an information point in an exhibition hall.

For a specific need, during a trade show or a permanent need, we offer you efficient numerical visibility solutions adapted to your business and requirements.

All our digital signage solutions can be customized to your requests. Whether for the presentation of a product, displaying your services, the announcement of an event, to guide your customers during a fair, we can produce your customized support. You will get a single furniture, personalized, matching with even your most complex requirements. Material selection, design, dimensions, we are by your side during your project.

For over 10 years, Axeos specializes in adapted business furniture for a dynamic signage, video conferencing, tele-presence and touch solutions. All our dynamic display products are manufactured in France, and our staff will satisfy your requests to realize the product that suits you.

A digital signage is a real advantage to highlight your stand or your company at a fair trade. The totems are customizable, elegant, attractive, informative and are an interesting commercial advantage and a asset of your company’s communication.


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