Reception Areas

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Because of the importance of the first impression, the way you greet your customers, future contributors and partners is crucial. First contact place between your firm and your visitors, your reception area can make all the difference. It’s so necessary to take care for its ambience, ergonomics and versatility.

Your reception area is unique : it’s a strategic place with several functions. It allows your visitors to wait in the most pleasant way possible, it conveys your brand image and contributes to broadcast key information.

Aware of those issues, AXEOS can help you create a user-friendly and comfortable reception area, with high-tech tools. We offer you a large range of equipment tailored to your needs and designed to blend in perfectly with any decor. Through the design and the latest technology, you will be able to offer to your visitors a value-added experience.

Some equipment to valorise your reception area and your company

The picture represents a powerful communication vector. If you desire to pass messages in an innovative way and attract attention of your visitors, you can choose a digital signage furniture. The video wall, for example, is particularly adapted to the diffusion of promotional messages. It can be used to enhance the viewing of your company’s promotional videos, which let your visitors discover your products and services. Genuinely a decorative accessory, it will boost your reception area thanks to a modern design.

Create links with your visitors

With interactive media, as a kiosk termial or a totem media, you will give a new dimension to your reception area. Instead of waiting passively their appointment, your visitors will discover your firm with another point of view, sitting comfortably and choosing the information they want to see. It will help them to prepare their appointment, finding answers to their questions or discovering several of your company’s products.

A customized reception area

You want to create or transform your reception areas to make them more attractive ? To reach this goal, you must take into account several criterias, as equipment ergonomics and functionality. Thanks to our communication supports, we can help you design an efficient reception area which fully meet the expectations and needs of your visitors. We support you at every step, choosing your media deployment and their spacial integration. Our wide range of products, available in different finishes, sizes and materials of construction can be easily customized according to your visual identity and your specific needs.

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