Univers Retail 655x350

Business is constantly evolving and to stay efficient, it is necessary to develop some new concepts which are answering customers’ requests.

In order to create customer loyalty, to attract new customers, digital signage or touch solutions facilitate access to information while being more attractive.

In order to gain the attention of potential customers via a shop window, to convey a message about an upcoming event with an LCD totem, to inform your customers about opening hours or the next sales with a touch terminal, digital signage is the solution regarding all needs and requests.

The point-of-sales advertising is a full part communication tool. It is also going to modernize and boost your retail space or your business. It is the best communication turnkey tool you can have in a shop.

With a digital totem or any other POS-A support, you will draw attention and you will be able to establish a first contact with your customers by communicating and entertaining them while promoting your products, your services and your items.

Our range of interactive digital solutions has been conceived to meet the highest requirements of any shop. We offer tactile materials that will suit your needs.

In an extremely competitive business context, it is essential to be able to differ from your competitors. Consumers are sensitive to messages and POS represent a marketing solution that is essential and necessary to gain new customers and to build customer loyalty.

Whether it is to entertain, inform, promote, your messages will create an atmosphere that will immerse the customer at the heart of your business’ or shop’s identity. The added value that the digital signage brings allows you to pass your messages by combining sound, video, message and information.

We offer you a tailor-made project. You can choose the material of your support, dimensions and colours according to the style of your shop and your business.

All our products are made in France and correspond to a high level of quality, adapted to the new audiovisual technologies. With these LCD totem, you will be able to pass the right message to your clients.

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