Axeos has celebrated its 10th anniversary with its suppliers and partners

On June 29th, Axeos celebrated its 10th birthday at its headquarters (Normandy) in Fleury-sur-Orne with its suppliers, priviledged partners and external providers. It was the time to thank all of them for their contribution to Axeos’s success and to talk about our future projects.

10th anniversary Axeos

Axeos team thanks all of you for your trust.

A leading brand on the market

For 10 years, the small Made In Normandy start-up has grown up and has become an inevitable manufacturer for high-end collaborative solutions : video conferencing, digital signage, conference rooms, lecterns and touch solutions.

Thanks to high-quality designed products, the company, meets the needs of the most demanding organizations with customized solutions for conference rooms, reception areas, management rooms, exhibition and retail while integrating new AV and collaborative technologies. Axeos is experiencing a significant growth and is exporting its products in Europe, North Africa, United States and Asia.

A great time to thank our partners

Axeos has succeeded mainly thanks to its partners, suppliers and providers. The aim of this event was to sincerely thank all of them for their implication and partnership all along this professional ascension. A local and high-quality production participates to the success of Axeos.