Can I customize one of your products ?

If you wish to order a conference tool, a multimedia totem, a digital signage product , a conference table, a dual monitor stand or anything else and that does not match exactly with your needs, we can customize it for you.

Indeed, at Axeos, we are proud to be able to meet all the needs of customization even the most demanding or complex !

As a manufacturer, we are able to offer you a unique and customize product tailored to your wishes and needs.

If one of our standard products in our range of videoconferencing is not suitable for what you are looking for and you want to customize it, please contact us via the contact form.

A project manager can suggest to you different solutions. It is possible to change color, to print your logotype or add a skirt to cover up. It is also possible to manufacture your product according to your specific dimensions, or even changing the position of the elements or the fixing system.

Axeos puts a special care to offer you solutions adapted to the new technologies and at all the needs in many areas including videoconferencing or digital signage displays.

Custom-made is the best solution to have a unique and 100% adapted product for the needs of your company. 

For an event, a conference, to convey a message or announce a seminar, an exhibition or convention, we have the solution with our custom-made and customizable products.