Can I install a product from Axeos myself ?

Do you think about buying one of our video conference equipment ? For example, a multi monitor stand or one of our high-end products ?

Do you ask questions about how to install it? Fortunately, we are able to assist you !

You will be pleased to know that all the products we offer to our customers were made to be the easiest to install on site.

When we deliver a video wall, a video conference equipment, a totem or any other Axeos product to our customers, we automatically provide clear and detailed assembly instructions in order to make the installation easier for you.

However, there are some products that need extra care during installation. Axeos offers to install them in your company. Besides, for products which are hard to install or custom-made, the installation is usually included in the budget that we indicate to our customers.

It is also important for you to note that when you order a video wall or any other product from Axeos range, we will have provide you with all necessary advice. Indeed, we know what is required to maintain your furniture so as to optimize its durability.

If you have any question about installing an Axeos product, or if you want to get more explanations about how to install a product that we have delivered or if you just want us to deal with the installation, we stay availablefor you ! Never hesitate to contact us or one of our distributors : we aim at making your life easier !

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