Where can I find an authorized distributor Axeos ?

Should you wish to be in touch with any of Axeos’ authorized retailers for an order related to a video-conference system, or any video conferencing items available on our website; or should you just want to make an appointment with any of our distributors for a custom-made dual monitor stand, all you have to do is filling our contact online form.

Should you have any question related to any of our audio conference products, wish to be in touch with any of our retailers, plan to fit out your company with a conference tool or just want to leave messages on a dynamic display for your customers or colleagues, all you have to do is to formulate your request via our contact form. This will save your time as we commit ourselves not only to answer your request but also to redirect you towards any of our retailers as fast as possible.

Please notice that filling our online contact form does not bind you in any way and is totally free. It just enables you to be rapidly in touch with one of our retailers or distributors.

Our retailers and distributors supply thousands of customers all around the globe.

How to fill out our online contact form? All you have to do is to indicate a few elements of information related to your company and precise exactly whether you wish to be in touch with a retailer or a distributor. The procedure is simple and quick !


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