Video conferencing doesn’t stop evolving, just like its equipment. Now, it is required for a company wanting to accelerate its projects and decision-making or to communicate in an optimal way with its collaborators.

Our accessories’ range is especially adapted to answer to all the projects and to optimize the integration of technologies in your spaces.

For instance, our UNIVERSAL CAMERA HOLDER offers you a secure camera installation on screen whatever the thickness, the size and the screen’s brand.

Our FLOOR RUNNER seduces for its practical installation (any particular works). It is designed to facilitate the use and the integration of technologies with an easier access to cables thanks to a removable cover, and a high current and low current separator. It absolutely suits in a room which doesn’t incline to work technical. For example, it allows you to switch from meeting table to office furniture.

Axeos also offers you about ten references of WALL MOUNT for cameras and codecs that it is Vidyo, Sony, Avaya, Polycom, Cisco,LifeSize, Huawei and many others.

Thanks to fully integrated wiring duct and screw fixing system for a secured camera installation, our models of CAMERA FLOOR STAND insure you a stability and an optimal integration of the camera in your working environment.

Each of our accessories is designed and made so as to optimize your installations, in keeping with your imperatives of integrations.