Connected Conference Space

Since its creation, we have designed and manufactured conference tables for meeting rooms, conference rooms and executive rooms. We combine our expertise and our creativity to cleverly integrate the new audiovisual technologies in order to conciliate comfort and aestheticism.
A conference table reflects your company and its seriousness. It mustn’t be equipped at random and has to answer specific characteristics.  The design of conference table or meeting table by our team responds to your technical specifications and your requirements, even the most demanding and the most complicated. Our designers study your needs in order to offer you the most appropriate/accurate project.
Our range of CLASSIC CONFERENCE TABLES –oval, trapezoidal, in V design or round- adapts to classic meetings, interactive meetings or video conferencing meetings. Each attendee should see and be seen by everyone. With its microphone and connection box base location, these conference tables integrate both cleverly and aesthetically the audiovisual technologies for optimal meetings. Our NEXUS TABLE is a multifunction table that offers three uses: from a closed configuration for meeting, it can switch to an open configuration for interactive meetings and video conferencing in a single operation. Each one can accommodate up to 6 people. Whatever its configuration, its design and its ergonomics guarantee optimum and appropriate use. Each detail has been studied to integrate the new audiovisual technologies: connection box base location which you can connect computer or tablet, cables’ integration on the main central plate... The NEXUS TABLE is a perfect solution for your different needs, from classic meeting to video conferencing. Beyond these tables with different finishes, AXEOS offers you to provide with its know-how to conceive your custom-made furniture for meeting room. For a specific request or for a complex layout, the custom-made product can be a judicious choice. We associate the cabinet-making, our know-how and our experience to create design and functional furniture. Do not hesitate to consult our tables and share with us your project by getting in touch with us or one of our resellers.