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Case study : custom-made board table for 43 people

End user : French insurance company

Location : Paris area (France)

About the project : Manufacturing a board table for 43 people in a limited space.
A successful project managed in collaboration with Vidéosonic.

Axeos - Custom made board table for 43 people

A project-led from the technical need analysis to the installation in the Paris area

It is critical to understand the client‘s needs from the early phase of the project.

That is why our Project Manager Victor GANTNER defined with the end user his expectations with several questions such as :

  • What are the dimensions of your room? 
  • How many people will sit at the table?
  • What technologies will you use?
  • What type of completion do you need for the table? Real wood, wood effect, white, grey or black top?
  • Would you like a special table shape

According to these specifications, our Design Office studied the best solution to install 43 seated people in this room. Indeed, the dimensions of the room did not allow to welcome so many people.

Thus, we have offered a table in 2 parts : the main table in U shape for 33 people and a central table for 10 people. In this way, these tables could welcome 43 people. Moreover, this project allows a dual use of the room :

  • The table in U shape for 33 people for board meetings ;
  • And the central table for 10 people for videoconferencing meetings.

Once the design and technical features were defined, we started the manufacturing in our carpentry workshop based in Normandy (France).

Such a table required two weeks of design office study and several weeks of works from our highl-skilled carpenters.

Our team always installs our tables. At Axeos, it is a golden rule because each table is unique and requires high level of expertise.

Also, we handle the transportation and the delivery of the table into the room to secure the table until the end.

Beyond this board table, Axeos provided chairs and a customised wall-to-floor stand STILIX WIDE in black painted steel with a front trapdoor allowing an easy access to the technology for maintenance. A 98 inches PANASONIC display was integrated. The wall-to-floor stand was chosen here to minimize the congestion in the room.


A custom-made board table « made in Normandy »

This project required creativity and technical skills to design a table for 43 people while facilitating the use to technologie.

The end user chose a high end finish :

  • The table top in medium density fiberboard : robust, it doesn’t deform and allows cuttings in table

Tip : this medium density fiberboard has been dyed in the mass in black. Thanks to this dark finish, the medium is more sustainable. Scratches and splinters on the table will tend to be less visible.

  • The table top has a wenge finish from POLYREY laminates. 

This brand of laminates ensures a high resistance to impacts, abrasion, scratch with ease of maintenance and it is a hygienic surface. Polyrey’s products are certified by Sanitized, an antibacterial treatment that eliminates 99,9% of the bacteria. 

  • To sublimate the table, we have added a black FENYX strip along the table. The FENIX surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint, offering an aesthetic and high-quality finish.
  • For a light appearance, we have chosen knife edges. Below is a diagram showing a knife edge: the table end is sharpened for an incomparable aesthetics.

Diagram knife edges

  • For the table in U shape, casings are removable to ease the technology maintenance and installation.
  • Bases edges have a finish in brushed stainless steel for a high-quality custom-made finish.
  • We have created several enclosures to integrate microphones and technologies.

This board table has been designed and manufactured by our manufacturing units in Normandy (France).


Axeos’ assets on the project

  • Our skilled team provides its AV/IT expertise and supports the end user through the project, started from the technical need analysis to the installation in the Paris area.
  • Preliminary study, design of technical passages and enclosures for maintenance was made by our Project Manager Victor GANTNER and Vidéosonic.
  • To optimise comfort and save space, we have adjusted the size of the chairs (provided by Axeos).
  • The design and ergonomics of all the elements have been fitted according to the technology of the room and the audio recording system such as the STILIX WIDE to integrate the 98 inches display.
  • With a “Made in France” manufacturing, we enhance the French know-how.
  • For us, the key to succeed a videoconferencing meeting is “see well and be seen”. We respect this rule within each project




Axeos - Drawing custom made board table

Manufacturing in our workshops in Normandy (France)

Axeos - Manufacturing - Custom made table 2
Axeos - Manufacturing - Custom made table 3
Axeos - Manufacturing - Custom made table 1
Axeos - Manufacturing - Custom made table 4

Delivery and installation in the Paris area

Axeos - Installation - Custom made board table 1
Axeos - Installation - Custom made board table 3
Axeos - Custom made board table and STILIX WIDE
Axeos - Installation - Custom made board table 4