Touch solutions

Axeos provides you with high-quality touch solutions. Our wide range goes from touch kiosk for companies to retail, through reception areas, exhibitions, galleries and showroom.

Among these products, the XOOS or the EXIA are terminal supports to be put on the floor serving as support for various models of digital tablets. It brings a unique interactive experience for your visitors.

As for the XOOS-S or the XOOS-XS, it brings a new interactive experience to your visitors allowing them to discover at best your brand. For receptions areas or in retail, these kiosks placed on a counter are designed to improve the interaction with your clients thanks to robust materials and uncluttered design. You can also integrate the tablet support into the counter thanks to the XOOS DESK.

AXEOS also put forward to create your custom-made touch support: interactive table, touch kiosk, interactive display... We provide our expertise in integration and design to offer you a unique product which looks like you and improves the user experience.